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Happiest man is he who is happy under all circumstances

-- Dr. K. Madhava

My dear brothers and sisters,

My humble Pranams to all of you.

The topic of the seminar “The happiest man is he who is happy under all circumstances” is from Master’s message in 1976 during the inauguration of Ashram building in Shahjahanpur.

If we examine the state of mind of an average man the states of happiness are too few and far in between. Modern man’s state of mind is dominated by the feelings of stress, uncertainty about future, fear of future, ill health, envy, greed and insecurity and majority of times feels life as burdensome.

His feeling happy is dependent on several factors. If his desires are met he becomes temporarily happy. But unfortunately mind seems to abhor vacuum and another desire creeps into his heart and as long as that desire is not fulfilled he is restless, dissatisfied and unhappy. Almost a permanent state of dissatisfaction seems to be the state of mind of majority of humanity. Happiness is a slippery customer, it seems to slip out and escape from you at the slightest change in circumstances.

But as per Rev. Master, God wants all his children to be happy under all circumstances.

In fact my most memorable and happiest moments which I cherish most were experienced in the company of Rev. Master. He was known for his joy and humor. His smile even as caught in a photograph radiates joy and happiness. People have narrated how uncontrollable their joy, mirth and laughter was in the company of Master and his conversations.

My experience with my trainer is no less enjoyable. Conversations are witty, very spontaneous and full of joy de Verve.

Though spiritual training involves committed practice and a serious and severe determination to reach the goal, paradoxically spirituality is synonymous with happiness and joy. In fact it is a commandment in our Institute. For example Master commands his disciples to be happy while eating food in the VIII commandment and goes on to explain in detail how the state of happiness is the final state we have to reach.

Now the question is how to fulfill the requirements of the definition of a happy man as given by the Master. i.e. happy under all circumstances.

In the same article he spoke about what is life and goes on to explain that “It is a state of being which should remain permanently, as long as we live, thoroughly in contact with the Being, smelling at each step the fragrance of the Being”.

In effect it means live and breathe in Rev Sri Ramchandra’s consciousness i.e. Manas be attached to Rev Master, the Buddhi thinks, talks and works for the Master, the ego feels that it is a dependent servant of the Master. The sense organs and motor organs are used only for the service of the Master.

How is this possible? He gives a clue in the same Message. He talks about “Love the basis of all is there, so the attachment is also there.” He also talks about “Love is not bad, but its proper utilization we do not know. That our system will teach in due course of time.”

Love is present in all human beings. But human problem is it is directed towards materialism which by nature is transient and hence bound to end in failure and misery.

But if we can give a place to the idea “How to please the Great Master” in our heart His Love in the form of Pranahuti will modify the consciousness and makes it compatible to be in tune with Sri Ramchandra’s Consciousness. I feel this is the crux of Sadhana if some how we can nurture this feeling in a genuine and sincere way. He will take care of the rest. Then happiness and joy under all circumstances is a very real possibility.

Another important sentence which we have to pay special attention is “necessities of life should be meager”.

The world is looking at the face of an impending ecological disaster. Global warming, glacier melting, rising sea levels, torrential monsoons with unprecedented inundation of cities and villages are all due to consumer culture to which we got habituated.

Work, earn and consume, seems to be the mantra which has cast a spell on the modern man. Why? Is it necessary? Does it provide joy and happiness? What impact his consumerist behavior will cause on the environment and future climate and future generations? What is the meaning and purpose of life? These questions are not put; man has abandoned reasoned thinking, the crowning jewel which God has bestowed on him.

The day has come when we say that man is behaving like an animal, it is insulting to the nature of animals which live in tune with their instincts. Man has surpassed the animal in its lower vibrations.

Master has written in one of the articles in Silence Speaks that he has a liking for poverty and he likes the idea of eating just salt and bread only. But if we want to live in His Consciousness we have to embrace all his ideas including ideas of “Necessities of life should be meager”, and also likeness for poverty.

For a modern man conditioned by consumerism it involves a painful giving up off all prejudices, habits and philosophies and all colorings and assume the plain and simple nature of mind itself which it originally was. If we remember and contemplate on the peace and silence of joy which our heart feels at the touch of Pranahuti and attach our mind to it, we finally understand that we are really divine. Gradually step by step through persistent practice we have to identify ourselves with Rev. Master and give up our identification with our name and physical form and our transient mental modifications and prejudices.

Rev. Master’s main mission is to make us happy and we are all participating in this experiment and since it is backed by his infinite power and blessing we are bound to be successful in this experiment.