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God is constantly with us and ready to take us up at the slightest sign on our part of accepting Him.

God is constantly with us and ready to take us up at the slightest sign on our part of accepting Him. 

Smt I.Madhavi

 My dear brothers and sisters my humble pranams to all of you.

1.  It is my privilege to take this opportunity in expressing my little understanding about the topic of the seminar with you.

2.  Before I got introduced into the system, I believed that God is there and  used to derive happiness decorating the murti of God. I used to feel strongly that it is our duty to offer our prayer unconditionally to Him and He knows what is best for me is what all I knew. God is constantly with us is a fact whether we are aware of it or not. The momentary peace one gets by going to places of worship or so is given to our experience for sometime during meditation initially which continues for more hours during the day.  He is with us is an experience and understanding given to us in the system of Natural Path.

3.  The prayer given in the system of Natural Path enables one  to understand one’s position of being helpless in realizing one’s true nature that of dependency on Master.  When we offer the prayer in a submissive way with an yielding attitude in thought of the Master, we get to know His position and also understand our lowliness. Thus seek refuge in the Master and feel dependent on Him. Prayer enables us to establish a link with the Master and helps us in developing devotion.

4.  Sometimes we may not feel the same intensity of aspiration within us with regard to our sadhana therefore it becomes necessary for us to take the help of person who can foment us with that condition. It has been my feeling and experience that we are incapable of even offering prayer at times. It is  only the love of the Master which comes to our rescue as a support in the form of Pranahuti which keeps up our aspiration to move on the path.

5.  In the initial stages of my sadhana the calmness or the peace which was given to experience never made me think that as the blessing of the Master. I would feel that I could meditate well. At this point of time in my sadhana I feel that it is not our capacity but His love for us that is drawing us nearer and nearer to Him by constantly being with us. He is always there with us but it comes to our awareness only by regular sadhana coupled with the Masters support in the form of Pranahuti.

6.  This comes to our experience by the feelings and thoughts we get during regular mediations, individual sittings and satsangs and gives us lot of conviction. These are the times during which we feel the union with the Master by being elevated to realms of higher self. As an effect of it we start feeling more and more of selflessness in our dealings.  It is with the help of Pranahuti that the change happens to take place in us naturally and (withdrawal)  regulation of mind  happens in us naturally and to that extent we get to be absorbed in the remembrance on the Master more i.e to be in His consciousness.

7.  It is the love and concern of the Master for our transformation that He is ever willing to give us His helping hand. It is up to us how best we mould ourselves by yielding to receive the help.

8.  It requires certain amount of determination on our part. As long I as was firm with my ideas and notions and still wanted to find some transformation in me only some change was there and that is because of His eagerness for us. If not for the help of Pranahuti during which the thought flow is repeatedly diverted from lower consciousness to higher consciousness I feel that I would never have developed the attitude of let go. The repeated help received during Pranahti has brought about a whole gamut of change in my thinking pattern as well as attitude.

9.  It is coming to my understanding that this can be possible only when we are equally eager and are prepared and are willing for such a transformation. This requires one to have single pointed orientation by surrendering to one Master, one Method and one Goal. If some how we can create this restlessness  in us then we can find Him very close and constantly with us. The effect of this is we feel courageous to be truthful and face any given situation without getting much attached to it.

10.             Accepting Him, I understand, is the willingness on our part to get trained, moulded and transformed to be a worthy expression of the Master.