Imperience - Centre for Research and Training in P.A.M

Imperience conducts Research on various claims made by Pranahuti Aided Meditation in a systematic manner. It consists of both academic material and practical factual data.

The research done by Imperience can be classified into:


The practical research on the nature of Pranahuti is done through the methods of:

  • Study of reports given by aspirants on the nature and effect of Pranahuti felt during Guided Meditations.
  • Research on the efficacy of the system is studied from the reports and diaries of the abhyasis
  • Research to substantiate the claim of the nature of Fomentation through Pranahuti from the reports given during workshops.
  • Research on the advancement and improvement felt by aspirants through the case study method.
  • Research on the nature of intermediary regions between the knots discovered by the Master through observation of spiritual condition of stagnancy.
  • Research on the efficacy of Pranahuti by measuring the Inner Balance using electronic gadget.
Scholastic / Academic

Periodical studies on the various concepts given by the Great Master are made based on the material available from the works of the Masters.

Studies are also made to project the various conditions and stages that a person goes through in spiritual life and development of tools for Self Assessment. In the process, the Institute has developed an interesting tool called Game of Life.

Tools for Self-Assessment

Self evaluation on the spiritual advancement of the aspirants are developed

Self Evaluation Tools - Principles of Spiritual Living
  • Basic Evaluation on Principles of Spiritual Living

    This can be used for self evaluation by any aspirant following any system to see where he / she stand in the “Principles of Spiritual Living” given by the Great Master. These principles are given by the Great Master not as a code of conduct but as essential requirements for the people to progress in the spirituality. The suggested frequency of filling up this form is monthly.

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  • Advanced Evaluation on Principles of Spiritual Living

    An Advanced Questionnaire is devised for self evaluation on "Principles of Spiritual Living".

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Self Evaluation Tools - Pind Desh Self Evaluation Tool
Pujya Babuji Maharaj in His message “Path of Righteousness” states “…for making one-self deserving one must have his goal and his present position clearly in his view.”

To know our present position, it will be helpful to understand the levels of consciousness in general and the level in which we are living in.

Levels of consciousness:
The classification of consciousness into streams/stages/levels of consciousness is done based on:

The following article
Moulding is Preceptor's business - Pujya Sri K.C. Narayana
And references are made, where applicable, to the Game of Life:

It is to be noted that
1. State of consciousness is a fluid transitory experience during meditations or at other times.
2. Stages of consciousness are our enduring state.

Swami Vivekananda stated “According to the philosophers of our country, every being is a perfect Soul, and the diversity of evolution and manifestation of nature is simply due to the difference in the degree of manifestation of the Soul. The moment the obstacles to the evolution and manifestation of nature are completely removed, the Soul manifests itself perfectly. Whatever may happen in the lower strata of nature’s evolution, in the higher strata at any rate, it is not true that it is only by constantly struggling against obstacles that one has to go beyond them. Rather it is observed that there, the obstacles give way and a greater manifestation of the Soul takes place through education and culture, through concentration and meditation, and above all through SACRIFICE……The attempt to remove evil from the world by killing a thousand evil-doers only adds to the evil in the world. But if the people can be made to desist from evil-doing by means of SPIRITUAL INSTRUCTION, there is no more evil in the world.”

He further states “Man’s struggle is in the mental sphere. A man is greater in proportion as he can control his mind. When the mind’s activities are perfectly at rest, the Atman manifests itself. The struggle which we observe in the animal kingdom for the preservation of the gross body has its use in the human plane of existence for gaining mastery over the mind or for attaining the state of balance.’

Master stated “Life is the awakening of the state of Being. When we brought in our share of the awakening state, every function of the material existence commenced. In the beginning, it was more in relation with Divinity from which life started. With the progress of life, actions continued having their effect according to their nature.” He says that because Actions are very strong since they are connected with life, their misuse produced wrong effects and the whole frame of the body became a human factory with every faculty forming its own centre and started pouring out what has been collected thus far. When the span of life of a particular being ended a form afresh was assumed with the accumulated grossness and this process continued for several lives. Thus he says we have formed poles according to our Actions and they became very strong. Finally all this led to a condition where we remain embraced by the commands we receive from different centers each for the faculties.

Thus we see clearly the Master is referring only to the process of return to the Home Land and we are not talking of evolution proper as understood by Scientists, Philosophers and Psychologists. But the process of return to the Home Land is the process of gradually annihilating the Ego and becoming Self less. Such a self less person, who has reached a state of Void/Nothingness, naturally is in tune with the power of manifestation and his participation in that process is natural and Divine. The gradual process of becoming that has led to the theory of evolutionism is sought to be explained in this system as a gradual peeling up of samskaras/ impressions collected by the individual expressions of the Life energy.

The beauty of the system is that while returning to the Origin/Centre we arrive at a state of pure Divinity and we are exhorted to use this condition to help others finds their return path to Home Land.

Master in his message in May.1970 stated that “The soul, is longing to feel its characteristic which has gone out of sight, and this insignificant being is seeking fellow pilgrims to march on the path of freedom.” The point of great importance here is, Master is not restricting any one to try this system. According to Hindu tradition human beings can be classified according to the goals they entertain, as Kamarthi (seeker of desires), Artharthi (seeker of wealth), Dharmarthi (seeker of virtuous path) and Moksharthi (seeker after Freedom). That there are several types of people among human beings is unquestionable. Are all of them fit for spiritual training? Further we know that we cannot classify a person as purely Moksharthi or Kamarthi. The same person may at different times have different goals as also the person may have at the same time more than one of these goals. Spiritual training under the system advocated by our Master can be given to all.

There are five sheaths covering human beings: these sheaths are well classified as the 5 kosas in our tradition. But there was no effort made to evaluate/ classify human beings according to the kosas. The simple point is that all the kosas are there in every human being and therefore no such rigid classification is possible. However we know some are governed more by some kosas more than others. In any society there are bound to be individuals at different levels of growth and maturity, not only intellectually but also morally and spiritually. Master in his own way said that the end of philosophy is religion, and the end of religion is spirituality. We find very interesting researches done by Psychologists of the present day who are trying to restore Soul to the Science of Soul (Psychology-Psyche=Soul, Logy= Science) which it almost lost a Century ago.

It is agreed in the circles of Transpersonal Psychology as well as Integral Psychology that there are streams of consciousness. They have been classified as mainly consisting of certain basic characteristics identified as typical of each stream. That all existence has been understood as a stream of Consciousness, we all know is the basic tenet of the great Sage Nagarjuna. His philosophy of Alaya Vijnana is something that swept the scholars of his day and most of the present day philosophies of Consciousness use his terms and terminology which went to the West via the Eastern China and Japan. Broadly the streams are classified as 7 or 8 categories. But clearly some of them are contrived and are patterns into which an effort is made to somehow accommodate the entire human population. However they have done service in pointing out certain inherent contradictions in the content of consciousness. They are relevant for us in as much as we are trying to balance the contradictory forces in our consciousness pulling us at different directions, through the wholesome influx of Pranahuti. Pranasya Pranah is the basic core of any type of consciousness and has therefore the inherent capacity to bridge the gulf between two or more streams of consciousness that are in collision path in us.

It is however necessary to note that these streams of consciousness which perhaps can be better compared with strands in a rope never exist totally independent of the other. It should make an interesting study of research to find the origins of these strains or strands in the very make up of the content of consciousness which is itself a conglomerate of the physical, vital, lower mental, superior mental and the planes of equanimity. When we tend to classify human into types we invariably get into the problems particularly when we demand total separation of the types from each other. Even very great reformers and sages have tended to think in terms of pure Sattva (Suddha) and having failed to find it in the Universe have said that the matter of Sri Vaikuntam is that and the bodies of Eternal Beings is composed of that type of matter. However for the one who knows and feels in the real sense Impurity is as much a myth as Purity. Thus if we keep in view that wholesome attitude it will be possible to find the following strains/strands/streams of consciousness in society in general and the individuals in particular. Their being present in the individual consciousness is the matter of concern for us.

There are 7 states of consciousness.
1. Ego Centric
2. Ethno Centric
3. Global
4. Cosmic
5. Para Cosmic
6. Non dual
7. Oneness

Stages of consciousness:
1. Magical: Persons whose thinking pattern accommodates this stream of consciousness think partially in animistic terms, magical spirits, belief in good and bad spirits which either bless or curse and in turn decide the events that occur. There is belief in the spirit of ancestors and an effort to work out lineage with persons who are gone for ever and a strong bond in the clan or tribe. In many persons we find this type of consciousness co-existing with more advanced features of consciousness, many times including rationality. In the case of persons who share this type of consciousness the Self is not fully developed and is dependant on magical and mystical means. If one set of rites and rituals or magical charms fail another is resorted immediately else their self collapses under the weight of lack of confidence in self. These magical are different for different cultures and societies

2. Power Gods: Persons whose thinking pattern accommodates this stream think in terms of settling the accounts and through power (muscle or otherwise) control and dictate others- their main motivating principle is power and glory. Terrorists and war maniacs belong to this category. This is a streak of the animal instinct that somehow persists in the human- perhaps civilizations built and destroyed based on the muscle power and animal characteristics contribute to our thinking in this pattern. The self development in these cases is dependant on perceived capacity to inflict pain on others and ones’ own muscle or money etc., power. The Self is bonded by these and any failing to the body or its prowess can inflict a stunning blow to the self.

3. The conformists: Persons who partake in this stream are very decided as to what is right and what is wrong and they know it fully. Violating the code of conduct or rules is abhorred and punished if possible, if not the culprit is severed of his connections with the family/village/or any other group to which he belongs. Any lapse in following the norms leads a sense of guilt and severe punishments are given and accepted. These persons who follow the norms, rules, regulations and restrictions that are imposed by an avowed authority that is usually a religious figure or book or tradition, generally pass off as saintly persons in society which appreciates their holding the rigid hierarchies. The consciousness here can be totally against freedom of spirit of others and conformism is the only principle recognized. This pattern in consciousness is common to find and in fact any society at any given point of time is ruled only by the influence of these persons. The self here is under severe bondage but it enjoys the credits that are showered on it by the society and many times is not even aware of its bondage. This is one of the toughest bonds that required to be broken in the path of freedom of spirit.

4. The explorers: Persons who partake in this stream are not convinced about the existing strict code of morals and rules governing life, they question everything of religion, every rite and routine. They claim to be having a scientific temper and want equality, fraternity and liberty to be the same for all the human population irrespective of the race, religion, gender and such other divisions. They do not accept any hierarchy in the relationship of the ruled and the ruler, between man and woman. Interestingly they raise a question why should God be male? They have no moral compunction to utilize the resources available even if it were to be for exploitation through intelligent manoeuvres. They have no difficulty to use the baser instincts in the advertisement and propaganda of their products and give all types of specious logic to defend themselves. These persons have sought to use the available knowledge gained by explorations in the nature of mind for their personal gain, or call it corporate advantage and gain. This is particularly so in the food and cosmetic and fashion industries. They choose all attractive means to debase the human thinking and all the time say they are upholding the freedom of the individual to choose. This type of consciousness is unfortunately seen in almost all the human beings of the present day and this is one of the toughest problems facing one who seeks to transform the content of consciousness of aspirants seeking to realize their true nature. The self in these cases is under delusion and is totally lacking direction in moral and spiritual plane. Imagine the extent to which the program of awareness of AIDs goes and unabashed marketing of condoms and other means to protect oneself and not even a single person is there to call the buff and plead for a sane sex order. Note also the importance given in spiritual discipline for the practice of celibacy in grhastha ashrama.

5. The sensitive seekers:. Persons who partake in this type of consciousness are committed to communication as a means for developing fraternal bonds. They agree that human beings must be freed from greed, avarice, jealousy and believe in developing humane relationships with a symbiotic approach to all problems. While the desire is there to attain harmony and understanding amongst all, they end up with seeking and trying all the time to find means through which they can succeed to communicate to others their point of view. They are heavily dependant on the rationality of human being and think that rationality can itself solve the problem though it is always frustrated in its attempts and the explorers and power gods have their way. The simple fact that the explorers and the power gods constitute the majority of human population is enough to have their way at the least through the brute majority they command. The self in these cases is having a taste of the expansiveness and is ready to come out of the shackles.

6. The holistic super conscious men: These are very few in the human population who through their relentless struggle in their inner selves seek to generate harmony and good will amongst all the human beings and enable them develop true love amongst all sentient beings and devotion to the Supreme Consciousness that rules the Universe. Apart from abiding by Truth and Reality in all its aspects these persons enjoy a tranquility of the most superior type which bridges the gulf and the possible perceived differences and lives and moves in the sphere of harmony, understanding, compassion, co-operation, co-existence of all beings, love and direct non interfered one ness which helps them share and make the words of sacrifice meaningless in as much as it is only a service to ones’ own very Being. They experience the inner oneness of all and find there is no disharmony essentially in nature. Disharmony and dichotomy are the products of thinking patterns that do not seek the good of all but only of a few to the detriment of others interests. For these persons there is no individual self and therefore no individual interest. They cross the borders of Egoism and naturally their performance is always marked by a fragrance of natural perfection, unifying all others efforts and exhibits a coordination that is better expressed as cohesion. The self in these cases can be taken as expanded and the bonds of animal and human realms and regions are broken and they are free moving and having their being in the realm of pure consciousness.

Moulding or transformation of the stages of consciousness implies first of all change from the existing position or status. Therefore it is incumbent on the part of aspirants that they should be prepared to accept change in their ways of living and behaving as also bring in changes in their attitudes and priorities. It has been our experience that while almost all aspirants want to get ‘Realized’ very few of them ever think of being prepared to change.

While preparing this evaluation tool on the pind desh and the level of progress with regards to the Kosas (Sheaths of consciousness) one has to understand that one needs to continuously evaluate on a regular basis so as to understand the levels to which the demolition and modification of our past has taken place.
The demolition of our past has several stages. This has been dealt with in the book Path of Grace and we have looked at the same process in a positive way as to how the aspirant moves into higher and higher regions progressively. The problem of demolition of our structures is the removal of influence of layers of consciousness as studied in the nature of the Five Kosas as encountered in our spiritual journey. Here in this evaluation tool we are looking at the same process from the angle of demolition of the illusion of Ego. They are all minor annihilation of the Ego structures we have developed out of nothing.

When we arrive at the first stage, we experience our first load shedding if we may call it so. We are temporarily lost to our limited individuality and experience bliss. Many confuse that they have realized Self/ God and hence get stuck in the first plane. If we keep ourselves free from self-delusion or come to realize that our attainment is but a transitional phase, we advance further on the spiritual path and arrive at the second plane.

The merging into the second plane is called the annihilation of the false. The aspirant is now absorbed in bliss and infinite light. Some think that they have attained the goal and get stranded in the second plane, but others who keep themselves free from self-delusion march onward and enter the third plane.
The merging into the third plane is called the annihilation of the apparent. Here the aspirant loses all consciousness of his body and his world. In our system we do not go through the coma state at all consciously and the helping hand of the Master keeps us conscious all through and here our Vairagya gets fulfilled. Here the awareness of the universal presence of the divine is felt very acutely and the intimacy with it leads to ecstatic states temporarily.

The next structure to fall is the individuality and is the first encounter with freedom or swarajya. The aspirant experiences a peculiar state of consciousness that seems to have all the power. Master at this stage protects us totally by making us oblivious of our capacity and there by avoiding any fall in our state. The aspirant is never spiritually safe, and his reversion is always possible until he has successfully crossed the fourth plane and arrived at the fifth one. There is no way that we can think of in the modern world to demolish these structures without the help of our Master. Those of the persons who seek to simultaneously ride several horses may kindly note that one day or the other, in one life or another they have to come to the path of the Master in toto.

The merging into the fifth plane is the state of annihilation of all desires. Here the incessant activity of the lower intellect comes to a standstill. Master tries to explain this by the process of Invertendo and reversal of sides of the higher and lower types of mind. The seeker does not think in the ordinary way, and he is indirectly a source of many inspiring thoughts. He sees, but not with the physical eyes. Mind speaks with the mind, and there is neither worry nor doubt. He is now spiritually safe and beyond the possibility of a downfall. This we know is the stage of the beginning of Brahmand mandal. Here again Masters Power supports us and does not allow us to delude ourselves to think that "I am God." Or “Aham Brahmasmi”.
Master enables us to move on further and we advance into the sixth plane. The merging into the sixth plane is called the annihilation of self (lover) in the beloved. Now the pilgrim sees different things of this world. This is the stage of starting of Prapanna gati where there is a continual perception and enjoyment of God that does not suffer a break even for an instant. Yet the demolition is not complete.

Master enables us to move on further into the seventh stage of annihilation and helps us demolish our individuality in the Master and here we become Prapanna Prabhu and hence forth there is no demolition of structures but progress by way of mergence in the Divine becomes refined and there is no end to such a refinement.

About the Tool:
The pind desh tool assists a discerning Abhyasi on the Path of Grace to evaluate their spiritual condition and understand their real standing (Kasbi) in sadhana or how much of the condition is internalized.
Note: This tool while being primarily meant only for the practicants of the system of Pranahuti Aided Meditation does not prohibit other interested seekers in search of a tool to ascertain their level of progress with respect to the Kosas as well their development in their day to day life.
These people are welcome to take the self evaluation and it would be appreciated if they could send us their valuable feedback.

Pujya Babuji Maharaj broadly classified the composition of man into three bodies viz., Gross/ Physical, Astral and Causal bodies. So, in order to know our present position and shortcomings in pind-desh, evaluation is done on how far the progress is made in each of these three bodies.
Every abhyasi while traversing through the Path of Grace will reckon with knots /brackets /pauses /grandhis /chakras /lotuses /plexuses. These knots have certain unique features, some of which are conducive for quicker and smoother progress while some others retard/slow down the progress through the Knot. The above features, mentioned as Positive attributes and pitfalls in the knots, are clearly elucidated in the book Path of Grace. Evaluation against these knots gives our progress in Astral body. Every knot is associated with one or more of the “Principles of Spiritual Living given by Pujya Babuji Maharaj” as elucidated in Practice and efficacy of Raja yoga – Part-II. Evaluation against the Principles gives our progress in Physical body. Each knot has one or more layers of opacity called Kosas. The kosas relate to the physical, vital, mental, aspirational and blissful aspects of the being The Kosas influence the Knots as given in the book “The five Kosas Role in Sadhana under Pranahuti Aided Meditation” and each Kosa has some parameters indicating freedom and some indicating bondage. Evaluation against the Kosas gives us the progress in the Causal body.

By self evaluating against the above parameters in terms of: how many and how much of the above attributes have been owned up or got over, we should reasonably be able to find the extent of progress in each knot/Kosa and hence in the pind-desh overall. The extent of bias in the evaluation can be reduced by introducing a number of discrete parameters for evaluation and then rating against the same. So, taking all the commonly defined parameters referred above (knots, principles and kosas) and then evaluating against each of them would give reasonably correct picture of the present position.

Limitations of the tool:
Spirituality is as wide as Universe and cannot be brought under certain parameters or statements. Out of practical experience of the aspirants in the path, certain conditions or states of consciousness have been identified to indicate the spiritual progress of the person. These parameters are not exhaustive (“..the thing never ends” – Pujya Babuji Maharaj) of all the spiritual conditions obtaining in the various states and stages of progress; therefore, the results of evaluation have to be taken as indications of the progress in the path and more especially the residual progress is to be noted to work with.

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