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Volume -9
  PART - 1 (Aesthetics)
The meaning of Beauty
Beauty and Life
The Arche-type and intrinsic beauty
The idealistic theory of Beauty – W. T State
A commonsense realist view of Beauty
Prof. Collingwood’s Theory of Art
A study of the contemporary theories of Beauty
The Hindu theory of Beauty
Esoteric Teching in Nalopakhyana
  PART - 2 (Religion , Philosophy & Ethics)
Human conflict and the solation of the Gita
Discovery of the soul-the dualistic approach
Dharma and moksa
The saravamukti ideal
Basic attitude in Religion-Hinduism-a traditional view
Religion and Philosophy
East and West: Religion and Philosophy
Psychology and Religion and spirituality
Tirumala Tirupati and Śrīnivasa Venkateswaaara
The suffering God
A plea for creative rethinking in India Philosophy
Approach to philosophy.. The definition of Philosophy
Quo Vadis: Whither Philosopher
Philosophy of Rabindranath Tagore
The individuals place in the Universe
Cultural fellowship through spiritual understanding
A brief philosophy of Evolution and History
Whither mankind? Culture or Chaos?