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Volume -2

Table of Contents

  PART - 1 (Living Teaching of Vedanta)
Living Teaching of Vedanta
  PART - 2 (Comparative Philosophy and Religion)
Quest for Universal Religion
Patterns of Religion
Synthesis of Religions and Spirituality
Svami Vivekananda and Universal
Religion - Equality of all Religions
Svami Vivekananda & Universal
Religion - Lecture - I
Svami Vivekananda and Universal
Religion - Lecture - II
Svami Vivekananda's Religion of
Comparitive Religion
Universal Religion and
Mahatma Gandhi
Sri Aurobindo and Universal Religion
Sri Radhakrishnan and Comparitive
Post Vivekananda Religion
  PART - 3 (Critique of Religion)
Philosophy of Religion
Psychology of Religion
Religion as Value
Religion as a philosophical problem
Theories about God
Ways of knowing God
The problem of belief in God
Is God a Person ?
  PART - 4 (Seven Paths to Wisdom)
Logic of Samkhya
Logic of Mimamsa
Logic of Artistic Mind
Logic of Advaita
Supramental Metaphysics and The Logic of Infinite
Logic of Totality
Logic of the Organic Mind